Sunday, January 9, 2011

Theme of the Year: It Always Works Out

On Friday, all of us leaving volunteers attended a workshop in which we were supposed to look back on our time here...and then think about what life is going to be like next. At one point, we were discussing overarching experiences of the year -- themes of the year, if you will. I blurted out:

At the last minute, everything always works out. Guatemala -- somehow-- always seems to pull through.

And I could not mean it more.

So so so so so many times this year, I have walked into a day or a situation or a task and thought, "There is no way on earth this is going to happen. This is going to be an absolute total disaster. Get me out." And then, as if by Mayan magic, it all somehow works out. And it works out beautifully.

I mean it. Things just have a way of working out in this place. It makes me think of this night and this adventure and this whole crazy experience. It reminds me of the weeks leading up to this, this miracle, the transportation mishaps involved with this, the months leading up to this, and moments like this. See, my blog is just full of proof. :)

So, I think that's my theme of the year: just when I least expected it, everything always worked out.

And so what did I say when I was then asked at the workshop, "And so what does that mean? How has that changed you?"

I answered, "Well, I guess it means I have more faith in life, hah."


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