Layover in Louisville

Entries: March 2011- October 2011

To my loyal followers, yes, the blog is back! And I'm so glad to see that you are, too.

To first time visitors, welcome. In Part 1 of this blog, I spent an incredible year in Guatemala

Now I'm back -- currently blogging from my hometown of Louisville, KY -- and trying to answer the best (read: most exciting) and worst (read: most terrifying) question any adventurer could ever ask:

Now what?

So follow me here as this twentysomething-always-had-a-plan gal takes a pause to refuel, plan-less, in the town of her roots while trying her hand at answering the dreaded "Now what?" question.

Oh, and one more thing. I'll be working hard to remind myself that even during life's seemingly slow-paced layovers, you can't forget: you only live once

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