Monday, January 17, 2011

MIS Niñas

When you first get here, you start out referring to your assigned section of kids just like that -- an assigned section of kids. You probably call them the kids, the boys, the girls, the section. "The girls made me this sign. I'm eating dinner with the the boys. I ran into the section in Parramos."

And then one day, I have no idea exactly when this happens, but one day you wake up and you start calling them the boys/girls/section a lot less, and you start using mis a lot more. Mis. Mine. My kids.

"Last night was so funny with mis niñas. Mis niños got in trouble again. Be sure to take care of mis niñas."

It's not a conscious decision to sound obnoxious to outside listeners. It just happens. They're yours, and you're theirs. And the just starts to sound weird. Too stuffy.

Yeah, definitely mejor, mis.

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