Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Aniversario, Part 1

So, in honor of NPH Guatemala's 14th birthday, normal life stood still this weekend to make room for Aniversario!

Aniversario prep started almost six weeks ago, and most people haven't been able to think about anything else ever since. The entire house -- and I mean entire: babies, kids, high school kids, caretakers, volunteers, everyone -- was divided up into 12 teams this year, with each team representing a World Cup tournament year. My team had the 1982 Spain games, and yes, we made many a paper-mâché orange head in order to best show off our mascot, Naranjito!

Friday night, from about 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., all 12 teams gathered around the cancha (basketball court) to present their team's flag, dance routine, cheer, mascot, and matching outfits. If you're wondering what it was like to organize flags, cheers, dances, and outfits with hundreds of crazy kids running around, then yes, the answer is: insane. And so much work.

But like pretty much everything here, when you look back on Aniversario, you don't really remember all the hellish rehearsals and arguing and general "what the heck is going on?" feelings you had. Instead, you remember how awesome Friday night was. Hundreds of kids, waving flags, cheering, performing, and just loving the entire pep-rally-esque experience. Teams' creativity was amazing (pretty skirts made out of potato sacks?!) and their spirit was even better. I was cracking up watching kids I used to think were fairly reserved totally break it down on the dance floor during their team's presentation.

Enjoy the photos! Oh, and we Naranjitos won second place for our presentation Friday night! :)

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