Sunday, December 20, 2009

I'm HERE! (but this keyboard is hard to type on)


I'm here in Guatemala, safe and sound! It's probably been the longest 24 hours of my life, but I can tell it's going to be awesome. This keyboard sucks and I'm not used to where the keys are, so this might be a quick post. I'll be in this cute hippie town of San Pedro for 2 weeks though, so I'll write more soon. :)

Quick synopsis just so you know: flights were good, but about 40 minutes late. Luggage took like another 40 minutes to appear. BUT, it made it, so I was super happy. Leaving the Guatemala airport = there is no real waiting area, you just walk outside and look for the people you're meeting. Welllll, it's currently like the busiest travel time of the year here, so the airport was NUTS. There were barricades to hold the masses of people back, and it is literally a miracle that I found the tiny NPH sign to meet up with. My Volunteer Coordinator who met me even commented on how crowded it was. MIRACLE.

Then, everyone I met was so so so helpful! They made sure I ate lunch and dinner, found an ATM, and got set up with a place to sleep last night. The NPH home is actually gorgeous. The photos I was given did not at all do it justice. It's seriously a beautiful place.

This morning, I woke up and took a 3 hour ride to the town of San Pedro on Lake Atitlan. It's an awesome little hippie village right on the lake where I'll be taking classes for 2 weeks. It's gonna be fun. It's also going to be crucial, because there is basically zero English at NPH. It was incredibly intimidating and scary yesterday. I'lll get it though. :)

Ok this keyboard is driving me nuts. Just wanted to tell everyone I'm here! I'll post something more interesting and less spastic soon!

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Unknown said...

Is the keyboard set up for spanish? Why is it so annoying. SO JEALOUS OF YOUR ADVENTURES!! missss you.

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