Monday, June 28, 2010

The Quinceañera Celebration!

You and I both have been waiting forever for this: the Quinceañera Celebration! After months of date talk, dress talk, cake talk, waltz talk, and lots of waltz practicing, Sunday, June 20th arrived, and everything was unbelievably gorgeous. I think it's seriously been my favorite NPH day so far. :)

The girls were beautiful, and to an outsider it looked like NPH Guatemala had turned into a Disney princess convention for the day. Their dresses were gorgeous, their hair and makeup was gorgeous, and they were toting around gorgeous bouquets of flowers. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Everything.

The girls spent the morning (allllll morning) getting ready and having their photos taken (the local paper even stopped by), and then at 4 p.m. the entire NPH fam came together to kick things off. The evening's events included a mass, the waltz, the presentation of the girls, the traditional toast, a fancy dinner (with the girls and their dates sitting at a long table in the front of the comedor -- looking and acting like royalty haha), a delicious and several-tiered cake, and then an all-out going-crazy disco.

(Note: Some of us volunteers may or may not have been in the middle of that sweaty, teenager-filled, mosh pit of a crazy disco. Oh school dances, how I miss you.)

Everything about the Quinceañera celebration was perfect -- and so much fun. Gchat/email/call me if you want me to blab on forever about it, but for now, just love these pics.

P.S. A waltz blog post is coming soon. :)

Me and Rocio

Pretty hair!

With Conchita

With Juana

The boys

Comedor all decorated!

Brother and sister Hermelindo and Irma :)

Thania and Conchita

Juana and Irma from my section

The volunteers

Waltz photo!

Me and Katie!

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