Thursday, December 16, 2010

Contact Lenses: A HUGE Hit

My girls here are obsessed with contact lenses. The idea of putting this little piece of plastic into your eyeball completely fascinates them and totally grosses them out all at the same time. They don't know anyone who has ever worn contact lenses, and they've certainly never seen an actual contact lens.

Well, not anymore.

They've discovered I wear contact lenses, and on Monday when I had vela (slept in the section that night), they literally spent the entire day bugging me:

"Can I watch you take out your contact lenses tonight? Can I? Can I? Can I? Will you pleeeease make sure you tell me when you are about to take out your contact lenses tonight? Can I watch? Huh? Can I?"

YES. Good Lord, girls.

So right before bed, I announced that I was about to take my contacts out, and a half dozen girls came zooming across the room to kneel down in front of me. It was hysterical, and luckily Jess grabbed a camera to take some priceless pics.

The next morning, I had the same crowd when I put my contacts back in my eyes, and I've already had requests to repeat the showing next time I have vela, haha. They are so funny.

 Everyone trying to get a good view.
 And now they are grossed out just looking at the contact.
And, of course, everyone wanted to touch it. I'm sure that's horrible contact lens etiquette. Sorry to all ophthalmologists out there. Oops.

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