Friday, January 14, 2011

Tortilla Tutorial

You can ask any NPH Guatemala volunteer, and they will tell you that there are two tortilla habits that you very quickly pick up from the kids here. They are things you would never have thought to do with tortillas before you got here, but after just a few months, it's completely second nature. 

1. Use your cup as a tortilla holder. Your plate isn't big enough to hold your tortillas without them soaking up the other food, so what do you do? You copy every other kid at your table and put it on top of your cup, for safekeeping.

 2. Roll your tortilla. Why did we never think of this one before? The most efficient, most delicious, least messy way to eat plain tortillas. Genius, and we swear it tastes better.

So yeah. I'm gonna have to watch myself when I'm back in the States eating at my first Mexican restaurant. Especially #1. That could be awkward. :)

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Celeste said...

monster thumb!!! <3

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