Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Line Drying Therapy

You know what's kind of therapeutic?

Line drying your clothes.

In Guatemala, I was spoiled. I had real washing machines and real dryers. Laundry felt the same as it always had: go as long as possible without washing clothes, do six loads one Sunday, complain that everyone else was trying to do laundry that day too. Took me right back to college.

In Honduras, things are slightly different. I don't have a washing machine, and I definitely don't have a dryer. I'm supposed to be hand-washing all my clothes in the pila -- the big stone basin outside. (For a great pila how-to, see Thayer's post about it! She's currently in Guatemala, and the girls just taught her how to hand wash like a pro.)

Instead of supposedly washing all my clothes in the pila, I've actually found a washing machine loophole. (Shh! Don't tell!) The volunteers of NPH Honduras have one washing machine in their house here, and they let me use it! God bless you, volunteers.

Still -- no dryers though, which means we line dry everything. It also means I can't go weeks without doing laundry. For one, you'll run out of clothesline space for all those clothes. Two, line drying takes time, so you have to account for that when you realize you're almost out of clean pants.

I've decided line drying isn't actually that bad. I even find it kind of...therapeutic. Borderline enjoyable. Not as enjoyable, I realize, as if I'd had to wash all those clothes by hand and then hang them up to dry, but you get the idea.

Not. Half. Bad.

Hint: When you run out of clothesline space, 
you can always use the bamboo that divides up parts of the garden. 

That's the door to our room right there!

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