Thursday, August 12, 2010


Ok, I'm back! Vacation in Belize was super beautiful, super relaxing, and super...well, super perfect. I really don't even want to risk ruining it by making you read too much. Here's the deal:

After an exhausting 36 hours of getting ourselves there (bus, bus, cab, bus, a night in Puerto Barrios, boat, bus, boat) on less than top-shape transportation in Guatemala (bus broke down at one point – but the one that came to save us ended up being a double-decker with A/C and reclining leather seats?!?!?!?!), less than efficient transportation in Belize (every bus or boat that arrives in that country arrives about 15 minutes too late to catch the next one a.k.a. Sam and I did a lot waiting around at bus stations and ports), and one scary boat ride during a tropical storm (bad decision), we finally ARRIVED on Tobacco Caye! Granted, we were completely drenched from the crazy boat ride over, but WE MADE IT!

So, after a rainy first night and first early morning thanks to this…

Belize Welcomes Us from Carrie Daut on Vimeo.

…We spent the next 3 full days in PARADISE! Our stressful daily agenda consisted of: laying out, swimming, reading on the breezy front porch of our seaside cabana, eating when our hostel rang the bell to signal mealtime, laying out, swimming, and reading some more, attending Happy Hour on the beach, more meals, early bed. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Jealous? :)

So anyway, here are the gorgeous photos! Who’s up for a return trip with me?

Welcome to Tobacco Caye!

We got the most expensive cabana they have for the price of the cheapest room. They must have felt sorry for us when we stepped off the boat drenched in tropical storm.

My reading spot for the weekend.


Sam and me with our daring boat driver!

Piles and piles of shells everywhere.

So many conch shells on the island.

William & Mary chairs!
Yep, this is what the water looked like.

Did I mention the island is tiny -- only 5 acres big? You can walk the perimeter in 5 minutes.

Our new friend, 4 year-old Copeland.
Daily Snickers fix. Come on, it was vacation.
Getting tan and NOT burned!

SUCH amazing water!

I told Sam these underwater swimming shots would look awesome! :)
Super cute.

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