Friday, January 21, 2011

Tortrix Volteados!

Alright, here's a food I am going to miss A LOT from Guatemala. Tortrix Volteados!

Tortrix is a popular chip brand, and Volteados is my favorite flavor that they offer. But describing it to you will sound weird. That was your warning. Volteados is the word for Guatemalan refried black beans. Volteados are extremely popular throughout the entire country, but I actually hate them. Just looking at that black bean paste makes me want to gag. Ew.

However, for some reason, volteados flavored Tortrix are just about the most delicious thing I have ever eaten. Who'd have thought?

Muchísimas gracias to Nicole for this big bag present of Tortrix!!! I'm still deciding whether I should eat them over these next few days or try to bring them back to the States and enjoy there. :)


Sarah said...

i bought a big bag like this with like my last 20Q and ate them at home. they were delicious.

Kristen said...

I ate these all the time in Honduras and miss them dearly...I wish there was an easy way to get them in the States!

Bill said...

Totally agree! I lived in Guatemala City for several years and I love these chips. Volteados is by far the best flavor. I wish I could find them in the states. Amazon carries the other flavors a a ridiculously high price. I keep searching in Mexican Grocery stores and have found the Limon. No luck on the Volteados.

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