Wednesday, June 9, 2010

An Unexpectedly Awesome Proyecto

In proyecto familiar, as in life, you win some and you lose some.

Sometimes you prepare all week for a fancy proyecto with the kids, and then the day arrives and they just aren't having it. But then other days, you do zero prep, suggest a plan and throw up a prayer, and end up lucking out. Yesterday was one of the latter. :)

Last night, I had Proyecto Amistad (Friendship -- kids that don't have siblings here at NPHG get their share of volunteer project time too) with Huinter, Israel, and Ángel. You can tell me I need to grow up, but it can still be intimidating for me to have proyecto with three of the older boys (15-16 years old). One, they are older so they'll make fun of me. Two, they're boys, so they'll make fun of me. Good logic, right?

Anyway, they'd been begging me to take them to the movie theater. "Ok," I said. "We're going to the movie theater the English room." We walked to Parramos, bought gringas to go (the boys had never eaten one; how is that possible?), came back to NPH, and watched The Prestige on the big screen in the English classroom.

I loved every single second of it.

The boys were were such chatterboxes, haha. They talked the entire way to Parramos and back. They talked about gringas and my university and my job and Disneyworld and Disneyland and NASA and the world's biggest telescope and how much jobs pay in the U.S., and they practiced saying "Ken-tuck-y" over and over again. They also LOVED The Prestige. The four us went on and on about "I had no idea that was going to happen!" and "Now I understand what that one line meant!"

If they were making fun of me, I definitely didn't pick up on it, hah. And if they weren't having fun, I didn't pick up on that either. Chowing down on gringas, trying to decipher hidden meanings in a scene of The Prestige, I did it again: forgot where I was and could have sworn I was back in a dorm room watching good movies with good friends.

Win. :)

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