Monday, May 3, 2010

Watch the Kentucky Derby: Check.

I told you all I'd be stalking bars on Saturday to let me watch the Derby. Well, mission accomplished.

Hi, Churchill Downs!

Thank goodness for Monoloco -- a sports bar in Antigua that, the moment you enter the building (and pass an internet café, gift shop, and beauty salon all on your way to the actual restaurant), feels like you've just stepped into a Las Vegas T.G.I. Friday's...or something similarly non-Guatemalan.

When Katie, Leeah, and I first stopped at Monoloco, we arrived right in the middle of a Barcelona soccer game. Right. Fat chance that I'd be able to convince those couple hundred futbol-loving Latinos to change the channel to a horse race in Kentucky. Bummed, we headed off to another café for smoothies and desserts.

BUT, we decided to give Monoloco one more shot, just minutes before the Derby was set to start. It worked! The soccer game had just ended, and Katie saw a T.V. over in the corner that was tuned to NBC and showing Churchill Downs!


Since I had (embarrassingly) done zero Derby research prior to this weekend, I told the girls to "Hurry up and pick a number! That's the horse you're betting on."

I picked 4.

I won. Hehehe.

I picked a good one.

So thank you, Monoloco, for letting me watch this year's greatest two minutes in sports. :)

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