Tuesday, May 18, 2010

High Heel Shopping with the Quinceañeras

Yesterday afternoon, Sharon and I joined the Quinceañera trip to the capital (we drove all the way to the capital!) so the girls could buy their high heels for the big day in June. Fifteen 15 year-olds. One small shoe store. Hundreds of shoes. None in the right sizes, of course. Had to find the perfect pair. Couldn't buy something similar to someone else. "I want them, but they are killing my feet." Hours later and "Come on, you've literally tried on every pair in the store."

Yes Mom, I had an epiphany revealing what I put you through during all those years of prom and Homecoming dance shopping. Sharon and I left the store exhausted and muttering, "Vaya. Solo quiero hijos." That's it. I only want sons.

Ok, but seriously, we had a great time. We crammed everyone into an NPH van (I was practically sitting on laps and squishing to death two of my girls), drove an hour to the capital in the pouring rain, and spent the afternoon at an outlet shoe store in Zona 3.

For the girls, it was a huge event. They got to leave school early, take a trip to the capital, and pick out any shoes they wanted (the outlet store donated every single pair of shoes to the girls -- pretty cool). It was pretty funny to see which girls knew within two seconds that they wanted the black stilettos with the jewels (Conchita will grow up to be a very efficient, yet stylish, shopper) and which needed to spend two full hours trying on literally every single pair before they found "the ones" (Irma, I had no idea you were so picky).

Everyone ended up with a pair they loved, and it was pretty adorable to watch the same girls I'm used to seeing run around in their school uniforms or lounge around in their PJ's put on a pair of heels and grow up about five years right before our eyes. :)

And there's a video coming soon!

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