Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hark Upon the Gale

Lately I feel like my blogs are much less Guatemala and much more random, useless tidbits from Carrie's brain. I'm not sure if that means I've been especially boring, especially busy, or just an especially crappy blogger as of late, but I promise I'm conscious of the problem and will begin improving this dilemma...oh...sometime after I finish this month's set of vacationing. So on to today's random, useless entry.

The May '09 college grads currently working at NPH have become incredibly nostalgic (even more than usual) for college during the past few weeks.

I can't log in to Gchat without seeing everyone's status updates about their last college paper, their last exam of undergrad life, or how they're jetting off every afternoon to celebrate at the delis.

I can't stalk people on check Facebook without seeing all your albums depicting the Sunken Gardens in springtime, Blowout festivities, and Williamsburg Bucket List completions.

William & Mary's graduation is this Sunday, and I think I'm still denying I even celebrated my own. It's no wonder Katie, Leeah, and I have been blaring Asher Roth's "I Love College" (trashy but accurate) around the house the past few days. It also probably explains how we spent several hours Sunday evening lying on the living room couches, retelling "Ughhh, I miss college" stories, and downing an entire bag of Dorito's. Depressing...and gross.

It was weird in August when another school year started without us. It's even weirder now that another class is graduating -- still without us. You'd think a home of 350 running, screaming kids might distract us, but it doesn't.

And finally, to make the trips down memory road even more painful, I have Austin Wiese and Kelley Quinn to thank. Thanks, guys, for reminding me of this little URL.

It's where Carrie's blogging addiction began, where her (the) College obsession has been permanently documented, and where she returns when she wants a good cry (kidding, but only sort of).

So, think we're going to miss it forever?


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