Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mexico! Day Dos

2nd Day!

We walked our way around the city, browsed a popular bookstore, ate several delicious meals, spent the afternoon reading on our B&B's rooftop terrace while drinking tinto veranos (red wine + fresca + lime = yum), and visited a local movie theater to watch a documentary on the Zapatista movement!

Church on the hill at one end of town.

View from the church.

Woo! Enjoying the view!

But also sunny...

Our favorite promenade!

So pretty. So full of good food and drink.

Cute kiosk café in the Zócalo.

Palace off of the Zócalo.

View from the church at the other end of town!

Two thumbs up to San Cristóbal.

Fact: San Cristóbal has a freakishly large number of VW brand cars.

See what I mean?

Tinto verano on the rooftop terrace!

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Karyn said...

Oh my god, this post makes me miss these things about Spain, in no particular order: traveling to new places, tinto de verano, free tapas with drinks, and beautiful views! I'm so jealous of your life! Keep up the adventuring.

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