Monday, May 10, 2010

Harry Potter Kermes!

The volunteers put on another Kermes this weekend! Leeah and I were in charge, and the Kermes theme was....drumroll please hahaha....Harry Potter! Yes, it was hilarious.

Games included:


An obstacle course

Wizard bowling

Face painting (lightning bolt on your forehead, anyone?)

Crafts (magic hats, wands, and pipecleaner glasses -- just like Harry Potter)

Magical, Musical, Wizarding Chairs (ok, just musical chairs, but don't you just love all those other adjectives?)

And the snack:
Poporopos mágicos!
Magical popcorn. Kids could choose one of three "potions" for their popcorn. Chile for strength, pepita for intelligence, or cinnamon for looooove.

As always, Kermes was a little bit hectic, but also a lovely afternoon spent with the gang at Hogwarts.

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Mallory said...

best theme ever!!! i want some magical popcorn!

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