Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mexico! Day Uno

Leeah and I just got back from our mini-vacation to Mexico, and we had so much fun!

Every six months we have to leave the country of Guatemala because of our visas, so -- darn -- we are forced to take a little vacay time. :) Last Thursday, after taking a 4 a.m. taxi, catching a 5 a.m. shuttle (which in Guatemala time means it doesn't actually leave the city until 6:30 a.m.), and spending about 10 hours driving, we arrived in San Cristóbal de las Casa, Mexico!

San Cristóbal is adorable -- it feels much bigger than Antigua and much less touristy -- and it has a very European flair to it. With brightly colored buildings, lots of pedestrian walkways, and cobblestone streets that didn't ruin our shoes the way Antigua's do, we definitely could have stayed a while longer. Not to mention the fact that San Cristóbal has cheap wine and beer in abundance -- something Antigua is lacking. We also liked that about the place. :)

1st Day!
We make it to the border!

After a good 45 minutes, they finally stamp our passports to let us out of the country. Every other person in our shuttle just breezed through Migration, but they stared at our passports for 20 minutes, told us that we might need to pay 1,000 Q since we had renewed our visas in the capital (which makes no sense, since that's perfectly legal), and then said that if we went and made photocopies of a bunch of pages of our passports, we could go through fine-free. So, we ran through the streets of this random border town, found a librería that made photocopies, and ran back to Migration. Finally, stamped. Phew.

San Cristóbal's Zócalo (central park) at night. These fake little trees covered in light bulbs were all over the place!

We found them very amusing.

You can tell it's Day 1 because Leeah and I are actually following the rules at the B&B. They lock these doors at 9 p.m., locking the kitchen and free internet access inside. By the next day, we were squeezing through the "windows" and climbing inside hehe.

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