Monday, May 17, 2010

Laziest Weekend Vacation Ever

After losing my voice this weekend (cause = unknown) and being super ultra congested and cracked out on cold medicine today, I am probably in no condition to be writing. So, here is your bulleted summary of our weekend in Panajachel!
  • Girls' Weekend! Me, Sam, Jenny, Sarah, and Cheryl.
  • Sam and I stayed in Cheryl's MANSION! Two rooms, kitchen, tile floors, 3 beds, and cable TV. Definitely a mansion by my Guatemalan standards.
  • Ate at Guajimbo's three different times, as usual for Pana weekends.
  • Delicious pizza and margaritas at Pana Rock.
  • Saturday, Sam and I lounged in bed watching aforementioned cable TV literally all day long while Cheryl picked her sister up at the airport. We only left the house to eat breakfast and not again until dinner. What better way to spend a rainy afternoon than watching A Cinderella Story dubbed in Spanish and several trashy episodes of MTV Tres's Quiero mi Quince?
  • Several visits to the Palapa bar where the president of El Salvador's son was hanging out -- girlfriend and undercover security team in tow.
  • Spent Sunday morning at a beautiful hidden beach Cheryl showed us. Sunburn: check.
  • Did not take a single photo from the weekend. That proves just how relaxing/lazy it was.
Ok, brain exhausted from writing. This cold/lost voice thing better go away before I head to Mexico on Thursday!

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