Monday, May 31, 2010

One Natural Disaster After Another

Lately, Guatemala just can't catch a break.

Last week, Volcán Pacaya erupted, spewing ash all over the country (not here though), basically shutting down the capital, and closing the airport for the entire weekend.

That same afternoon, we had a minor earthquake.

And THEN, we welcomed Tropical Storm Agatha. We were not so happy to see her. Starting Thursday night, it rained NONSTOP until early Sunday morning. When I say nonstop, I mean the rain literally did not let up for one single second those entire two days. And when I say rained, I mean poured. We spent the weekend trapped in the house, dodging leaks in the roof, and seriously worrying that we didn't have enough food at home to make it through the weekend. We survived off of Easy Mac, bread, and a bottle of vodka we found in the freezer. (Kidding...or am I?)

Thankfully, the rain stopped yesterday, but the country is still a mess. Mudslides have destroyed entire towns, killed nearly 100 people in Guatemala, and forced over 112,000 people in Guatemala to be evacuated from their homes. The airport is still shut down, transportation isn't running in many parts of the country because roads have been eroded, and school is out nation-wide for the entire week.

To make things even better, forecasts say that the rain will start up again this afternoon and Pacaya might very well erupt again later this week.

Come on Mother Nature, haven't we had enough??

Check out this rain:

Tropical Storm Agatha from Carrie Daut on Vimeo.

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