Monday, May 10, 2010

We Popped Popcorn for 3 Straight Hours

Welcome to my Saturday afternoon.

Yesterday we had Kermes (carnival), and we decided the snack for this Kermes was going to be popcorn (a.k.a. poporopos)! That meant we had to buy enough popcorn to feed 250 or so kids. And that meant someone would be popping all those popcorn kernels for a long long time. And now you have my Saturday afternoon.

Leti and I flared up the gas stove, broke out all the potholders we could find in the house, turned on some tunes (the Latin version of K'naan's World Cup song was on repeat for a while), and popped popcorn until we thought we would die.

We popped 12 pounds of popcorn. Doesn't sound like much, does it? Well, 12 pounds of popcorn fills approximately: 2 giant garbage bags plus a huge wicker basket in which I probably could have slept comfortably. We are talking A LOT of poporopos.

Considering this was the first time I'd popped popcorn the real way haha -- in oil over the stove while constantly shaking the pot around (hey, I don't claim to be very domestic) -- I only managed to burn a few batches and only cover the stove, myself, Leti, and the entire kitchen table in oil. I'd say you can write this off as a success!

The poporopos were a big hit at Kermes! No matter that the house still smells like popcorn or that I woke up yesterday with super sore shoulders (standing over a stove shaking an oil-filled pot for three hours will do that to you). We can now proudly say we are popcorn-popping pros. :)

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