Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"We're in the United States Right Now"

Yesterday morning, nine of us new volunteers had to make a trip to Guatemala City (a.k.a. Guate, a.k.a. the Capital, a.k.a. La Capi) to pick up our passports from the immigration office. (We'd sent them there to renew our visas.) After picking up the passports, we had a couple hours to kill, so we headed over to Tikal Futura and Miraflores -- two giant mall/hotel/movie theater complexes right next door to each other.

As we ascended the third or fouth escalator up to the food court on the top floor of Tikal Futura, Leti said it best.

"I think we are in the United States right now."

Everywhere I looked, it looked like U.S. civilization. I'd almost forgotten what that was like. Quizno's! Payless Shoes! Taco Bell! McDonald's! Bagel shops! Zara!

Now, there are certainly lots of things I don't miss about the States right now. However, while I was enjoying my coffee and hashbrown (none of the European volunteers understood what a hashbrown was haha) and plotting my Quizno's lunch order for my next trip to the Capi, I had to admit -- it was very nice. :)

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