Friday, April 9, 2010

Weekly Story Update 7

Well, well, well. NPH International has been insanely delayed in publishing anything I write, which has been annoying. So this week, after sending a semi-pushy "I'm feeling a little frustrated with you all" email, they published seven of my stories within about 24 hours. Hah.

Happy reading!

NPHG's Older Students Learn to Become "Heroes" - During a three-day camp for our básico school (middle school), NPH challenged students to develop their leadership skills, personal relationships, and ability to control emotions.

Guatemala Welcomes Visiting Consultant to Psychopedagogy Department - Ruth Gerstacker, a German psychologist specializing in family therapy, grief, and trauma, is spending three months working with the psychopedagogy department at NPHG.

NPH Guatemala Takes Disaster Precautions - The personnel and students of NPH Guatemala participate in an earthquake preparedness workshop.

Visitors' Day in Guatemala - On the last Sunday of March, nearly two-thirds of NPHG's children welcomed visitors into our home for the first Visitors' Day of the year.

Saribel - Having spent the last 13 years growing up in NPHG, this young woman has big plans for her future.

And I just coordinated these, didn't write them:

Harry Volunteer Testimonial - (Germany) Caregiver in Boys' House

Meike Volunteer Testimonial - (Germany) Occupational Therapist

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