Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Semuc Champey, Part 1 of a Few

Ok, my blog post rambling is getting a little out of hand. I hate reading never-ending blog posts too. Sorry. This week's goal: better concision.

So, to make that easier on myself, I'm breaking down my weekend trip into a few posts. I'll also try to give them more photos and fewer words -- because this place was SO gorgeous.

The basics: Sam and I took a Friday afternoon shuttle (SO glad we splurged on the shuttle) for an 8-hour ride to Semuc Champey. Semuc is a spot way out in the middle-of-nowhere Guatemalan jungle, and up until a few years ago it was practically impossible to access. Today, you still have to take a 30-minute pick-up truck ride to finish off the journey, but it's so so so so soooo worth all the trouble of getting there.

Part 1: The Hostel

From some serious blogging research, I heard about this place called El Portal. Located all the way in Semuc, it's harder to get to, but once you're there, you're within walking distance from everything. Everyone in the blogosphere gave it rave reviews, and I'll now add my seal of approval too. This place was amazing.

Open-air dorm rooms with incredible views. Cozy community mealtimes with the other dozen or so guests. Yummy and reasonably priced food. Electricity only from 6 - 10 p.m. (surprisingly, didn't miss it at all), and best location ever. We walked out of our hostel, turned right, walked about 30 seconds down the road, and we were in the Semuc park. Absolutely cannot beat this place.

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