Tuesday, April 6, 2010

We Made A Magazine!

This is exciting!

About a month ago, my roommate and I decided to team up and create a brand new magazine, X-PRES-ARTE, for NPH Guatemala. Leti is the Art Therapist here at NPHG, and she wanted to use the magazine as a way for her kids in therapy to express themselves through writing and art. I had extra time on my hands, love all things magazines, and will nerdily admit that I miss long hours of publication layout (DoG Street Journal office, where are you when I need you?). There's also a big movement this year at NPH to promote a culture of reading and writing, so we figured we could do our part with that too.

After a first issue that was, surprisingly, not as unorganized as I imagined it would be, the issues are hot off the press and out to the kids!

We're low on resources here, so they're only printed in black and white and on regular paper, and we only had about 25 copies to distribute around the campus (we're thinking about trying to get some outside funding though...hint, hint). However, you'll still find a jam-packed issue: news stories, interviews, art, love stories, games, travel stories, and more. The kids were super into writing for it, and we think it turned out really well for a first go.

And on another note, I am incredibly impressed that Leti and I pulled this off. She doesn't speak much English, and let's just say that my Spanish is still in need of improvement. Pretty cool that we did this together, right?

You can view the PDF here. Yes, it's all in Spanish, but even if you don't know your hola from your adios, you should still go check it out. At least do it for me. :)

April 2010 Issue of X-PRES-ARTE

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