Tuesday, April 20, 2010

On Being 15

Walking with Reina to Quinceañera waltz practice last night:

Reina: "So I definitely think it's a good idea that it's just us girls learning the dance right now."

Me: "Oh yeah, why?"

Reina: "Because me and my caballero (date/dance partner) don't really talk."

Me: "Well then why did you pick him to be your caballero?"

Reina: "Well, we were talking when I picked him to be my caballero. Now we're not."

Me: "Ooooh. Yeah, it's kind of bad that you girls have to pick your caballeros around February, but the Quinceañeras aren't until June. A lot can happen in between then, huh?"

Reina: "Ughhhh."

Oh, to be 15 again. No thanks, haha.

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