Monday, April 19, 2010

Jess Joins NPH in July!

Ok, ok, I've been given permission to announce this to the masses -- that is, if you haven't already heard.

Jess Barak is officially coming to NPH Guatemala in July!!!

When her plane lands here on the 4th, she'll join Sam and me and make it THREE -- count 'em -- THREE W&M-ers in our group of 20 or so volunteers. William & Mary...slowly taking over the globe. I'm ecstatic.

Jess will be teaching English classes to the kiddos, and we know she's going to be just awesome here. She is AWESOME.

And now, because I felt like checking out that handy "Photos of Jess and You" Facebook option, here's a little preview of what we can all look forward to post-July. :)


I like to call this slideshow, Carrie & Jess at some of the best places on Earth.

Carrie & Jess in Athens, looking down at the Acropolis.

Carrie & Jess in the Greek isles.

Carrie & Jess in restaurants in Rome.

Carrie & bars in Rome.

Carrie & Jess at William & Mary.

And finally, Carrie & Jess at The Leafe...on Mug Night.

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