Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Polvorosas -- My New Favorite Food

Meet my new favorite food: the polvorosa.

(Polvo = powdered or dusted. Polvorosa = powdered/dusted cookie)

A few weeks ago, old volunteer Celeste introduced a few of us to a small panadería (bakery) off of the park here in Parramos, and I've quickly become obsessed. Especially with their polvorosas.

They're just plain yellow sugar cookies, which doesn't really make them sound like much of anything special. But just trust me, they're delicious. In a land where I can't easily eat Oreo's or raw cookie dough whenever I want, finding something to satisfy my sweet tooth is a big deal. Oh, and did I mention that each cookie only costs 50 centavos.

50 centavos = about 6 U.S. cents. No wonder I find them so delicious.

Me encantan las polvorosas.

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