Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Vacation: Sneak Snake Attack

This pool appears to be pretty tranquila, right?


During our stay at the Tikal Inn, I made sure to fit some pool-lounging time into my busy schedule of hiking temples. A girl's allowed to do that right? Well, listen to how I was rewarded.

One afternoon I was lying right there, in one of those white lawn chairs, innocently listening to my iPod, relaxed with eyes closed, when I felt something tapping my arm. I opened my eyes and A SNAKE WAS ONE ME. ON MY ARM.

I leapt out of that chair, started freaking out, and, subsequently, the snake started freaking out. Although no boa constrictor, this slithery guy was still about 3 to 4 feet long, and he had a big gross bulge in his body. He had JUST eaten. Grosssssss.

He stayed in that grassy area, flapping around, as the other hotel guests ran outside to see what my screams were all about and I tried to regain a normal breathing pattern.

So-OH gross. I guess it's a good thing he had just eaten though. At least my arm didn't become lunch!

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