Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 2 Working From Antigua

I've gotten used to a lot of things this year. Pretty bad food, no hot water for dishes or clothes, overcrowded school buses as the main form of transportation, constant overcharging of the gringos in the market,  and a new language. I've learned that you can take away my favorite foods, my hot water, my clean transportation systems, my fixed pricing, and my English, and -- surprisingly -- I will still find myself really content. Good job, Carrie.

However, I have learned that there's one thing, when you take it away, that creates one Cranky Carrie. That one thing: my reliable internet access.

Blame it on belonging to my generation, but I've 100% grown up with the internet. I had an email address back when my only reason for using it was to contact Beanie Baby traders from across the country (not making this up), I had an account on The Facebook before it was making Mark Zuckerberg millions, and I never spent a day in college without 24/7 wireless access from any location on campus.

These days, I'm OCD about responding to emails in a timely fashion, and I am an obsessive blogger. Oh, and let's not forget, my entire job here at NPH Guatemala consists of submitting articles, reports, photo requests, and more....ONLINE.

So, when NPHG recently made our already unreliable office internet even more unreliable, I officially lost grip on any fragments of patience I'd managed to hold onto this year. They said "We're installing a new internet line, but in order to do so, we'll be spending a month disconnecting your internet for long periods of time without any warning," and I said "SEE YA."

So here I am, back in Bagel Barn in Antigua, with their amazing wi-fi, working from here for the second day in a row. And loving it.

You can call me crazy for handling parasites from the dirty water with a better attitude than I handle the internet outages, and you can say that my internet history makes me one spoiled chica. And that's ok. Go for it. Nobody's perfect. But I guess if I was any different, you wouldn't be reading anything here, now would ya? :)

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