Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Don't Remember How To Eat with a Fork

It's sort of a running joke here at NPHG that over time, volunteers forget how to use normal kitchen utensils, like forks.

We eat so many meals with the kids, that we start to eat like them. Every time we want to eat a meal in the comedor (dining hall) with the kids, volunteers have to bring up their own loza, or table setting. Leaving my house carrying a bowl (Always a bowl, never a plate, because what if they're serving soup that night??), a plastic cup, and a spoon (Fact: You can eat anything with a spoon.) is so normal now that it's funny to remember it once felt so bizarre.

So, you can imagine my predicament when one night last week there were NO clean spoons to be found in our house. I had to bring a fork to dinner for the first time in....well, it feels like forever...and the result was a disaster. I couldn't do it. I could not figure out how to eat my beans and rice and platano with a fork. Especially when the curviness of my bowl meant I couldn't get a good angle on the fork to save my life. Such a stressful meal.

I can see it now. Just imagine. The first time I'm back Stateside, out at a restaurant, and my table setting has multiple forks. Oh Lord.

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