Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Vacation: Antigua

Ready for a vacation recap?

Dad arrived in Guatemala problem-free, and we spent the first few days in nearby Antigua, eating at restaurants I normally can't afford and buying me things I haven't been able to afford since I arrived almost 9 months ago (read: jewelry and a new purse!). Thanks, Dad. :)

It was sort of strange to spend an entire weekend in a city in which I've only spent countless day trips, but I definitely enjoyed not having to take a 75 Q cab home at the end of every night.

Antigua's highlights included:
  • An Elizabeth Bell Tour. Word on the street was that her walking tours were the absolute best, and word on the street was true. Even after living near Antigua for three-quarters of a year, I learned so much about this city, this country, and its people. Next time you're in town, take one of these tours. 
  • Fusion restaurant's chicken cordon bleu with a pumpkin-seed crust. Oh my GOD.  
  • A day visiting NPH. Dad braved the chicken buses (there AND back!) as we spent a day visiting the place I now call home. We watched the kids play an afternoon soccer match, I showed him our houses (Where's the kitchen sink? Out back. Oh.), and then we spent lunch with my section of girls and showed him where they live. The girls got a big kick out of meeting Mr. Daut, and they all kept telling me that we looked alike. ¡Se parecen mucho!
 The cathedral in Antigua's central park. 

Ruins of Antigua's cathedral.

Antigua's jade factory

  The Casa Santo Domingo Hotel. I'd be okay getting married in this venue.

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