Thursday, September 16, 2010

They'll Say Anything

The kids of NPH Guatemala will say anything. Anything and everything that comes to mind. No embarrassment, no hesitations, no shame, haha. Case in point:

The other night, my girls were writing thank you notes to donors who sent money that bought them a pizza party. Here's what Fidelia had to say. 

Gracias por el dinero que nos mandaron. Estaba rica la pizza, pero no nos dieron mucho. 

Thank you for the money you sent us. The pizza was really good, but they didn't give us much. 

And then she drew them a nice picture, with caption:

---> Pizza. ---> No me llene. :( 

---> Pizza. ---> It didn't fill me up. :(

Seriously, no shame.


Celeste said...

Kids and drunks will always say the truth!
Mi objectivo en liderazgo fue combinar a los dos!

Carrie said...

Liters for lideres!

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