Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vacation: Panajachel

Our third and final stop was Panajachel, the hippie town on Lake Atitlan!

Highlights here included:
  • Staying in the awesome Porta del Lago Hotel, right on the lake with this awesome view:

  • Eating at Guajimbo's for 4 of 5 consecutive meals. My favorite Pana restaurant is now Dad's favorite Pana restaurant too. 
  • A tour of the lake towns in the pouring rain. We were soaked to the bone, and the water is so high in the lake this rainy season that in order to get out of the boat you have to step onto an dock that's already underwater. Ok, so maybe the lake tour wasn't exactly a highlight. We did get to see Maximón in the town of Santiago though -- the smoking and drinking saint of vices!
 A cute relief map of Lake Atitlan! Found in the town of Santiago.
  •  An AWESOME zipline canopy tour! One afternoon we took a tuk-tuk to the nature reserve on the other side of Pana, got geared up and hiked our way up the side of the canyon, and then zipped back down 8 cables! The cables criss-crossed the canyon overlooking Panajachel, meaning the views from the air looked down (way down) at the forest below and out at the town, the lake, and the volcanoes! It was gorgeous. Things got a little scary towards the end when the rain and the wind picked up (ziplining in the wind is significantly move difficult -- you get blown in circles), but we finished right before it really started pouring! So so cool!

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