Thursday, September 16, 2010

Escape to El Salvador

Another trip! Less than 24 hours after I'd miraculously made it home from the mudslide incident with Dad, some of the girls informed me that they wanted to plan a spontaneous (ok, I guess if we planned it was only semi-spontaneous) trip to the beach of El Salvador!

Katie, Leeah, Sam, Jess, me. Girls' Weekend. Beach. El Salvador. Door-to-door shuttle service for a great bargained price? I've been convinced.

I used the last of my hadn't-decided-on-yet vacation days, and we made it into a long weekend. We left Thursday after lunch, took the 7 hour shuttle (should have been shorter, but roads are still closed from the rain and mudslides), and made it to Playa San Diego. We stayed at the cute, cozy, perfectly-relaxing hostel El Roble and enjoyed 3 full days on the Pacific.

We spent mornings at the beach, afternoons at the pool or in a hammock with a smoothie and a good book nearby, and evenings eating pupusas (tortillas stuffed with beans and cheese -- an El Salvador must-eat) and drinking cold beers by the bar.We all agreed it was, by far, the least stressful vacation we had ever taken while here.

Enjoy the gorgeous photos I mostly stole from the other girls, and yes, in case you weren't sure, I'd go back in a heartbeat. Drop me a line when you've booked your plane ticket. :)

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