Saturday, November 12, 2011


When I left the States in October, I didn't come straight to home sweet Honduras. First, I took a detour through Guatemala, meeting up with Katie, Leeah, and Celeste, for a 10-day trip down memory lane.

The kids were on school vacation, graduation was the 28th, and rainy season was over! We decided it would be the perfect time for a visit back to the place that meant so much to us. :)

And here's how we spent it!

Eating. Guatemala may not be known (def not) for its fine cuisine, but we'd definitely picked up a few favorites along the way. In between bags of Tortix Volteados, we also enjoyed:

Licuados. Yummm. Leeah and Katie with fresa flavor, I do believe. 

Rosa de jamaica --> hibiscus tea!

That face just says it all. 

Sarita ice cream!!! 

I always get cookies and cream. Omgsogood. 

 Fresh squeezed orange juice from the lady by the bus stop! Served in a bag, duh. 

So delicious! (So pale.)

Watching and/or playing volleyball and/or matado. (Anyone remember aerial bombardment from middle school P.E.? Matado is kind of like that.)



Oh hi, Melany.  

Working out to Zumba. This definitely requires its own post. Here are a couple pics to tease you, but keep reading for more!

Celebrating graduation! (Also its own post to come.)

Annnnnd being cold. We'd just about forgotten how freaking freezing it gets in the Guatemalan highlands. 

Overall, a great trip. And a great transition to Honduras. :)

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