Monday, November 14, 2011

The DataCHO

Weird title, I know. Here's the deal: 

Around the Ranch, people use projectors for various activities -- movies, presentations, whatever. For some reason, everyone chooses to refer to the projector by its English name. But not the name you and I would use, a.k.a. "projector." (That just makes too much sense.)

For some weird reason, the English name they choose to bestow upon the projector is "data show." (Really, who says that?) 

And for the weirdest reason of all, in their Honduran Spanish it comes out sounding like DA-TA-CHO. It. Is. Hilarious. 

Hondurans are walking around left and right asking to borrow dataCHOs, and we gringos are forced to do everything we can to not burst out laughing. Seriously, it sounds way more like Chinese than it does any mix of Spanish-English. 

Datacho. DataCHO. So good, right?

Yet despite its ridiculous Honduran name, Celeste and I currently love the datacho. Because now, instead of having to watch Fringe (our new TV series of choice) on a laptop propped on a chair, we get to do this:


Ooh, look!


Nos gusta. And yeah, we know we're cool. :) 

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