Saturday, November 12, 2011

Congrats, grads!

The school year in Guatemala runs from January to October, so we arrived right in time to watch another class of our young'ns graduate. Just like last year, several of my girls were graduating from 6th grade (the last year of elementary school) and moving on to middle school. Awwww.

There weren't enough cap and gown sets to go around this year (womp womp), so the kids wore their uniforms instead. While disappointed at how this seriously downgraded our photos ops, we still snapped plenty of pics like the proud parents we were.

 In the crowd with Marta. She graduated last year. 

 Juana! So excited for graduation!

 Juana and Celeste

Esme and Lupe

Siblings Maria and José 

A bunch of the lovely graduates. 

Leeah and me -- rocking out the model elbow. 


Esme and Teresa 

Leeah, Katie, me 

Leeah, Celeste, me

Congrats, Guatemala class of 2011!

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