Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yesterday, I Straightened 17 Heads of Hair

 This guy had his work cut out for him yesterday.

Yesterday was the day kids' families came to pick them up and take them home for three weeks of Christmas vacation. It meant that we spent the entire day in the section watching movies and waiting around to see whose name would be called next to say family had arrived.

I also spent the day straightening 17 heads of hair. :)

The girls had been begging me for days to bring my straightener down to the section --- Ay, por favor Carrie, baja tus planchas --, and I figured yesterday was the perfect day.

So one by one, 17 little girls came and plopped down in my lap, eyes glued to the TV in front of them, and had me straighten their hair. The funniest part was that out of 17, about 12 of them already have straight-as-a-pin hair. Like they care. They still wanted me to straighten their already-straight hair.

Pretty crazy. Pretty cute.

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