Monday, December 6, 2010

They Changed the Sections! :/

After vacation, I arrived home to something pretty drastic: they were changing all the sections.

The kids at NPH Guatemala live in "sections" normally divided by age and school grade. For example, my girls this year in section Fatima have been between the ages of about 12 to 15, and they've all been in 6th grade or younger.

But at the end of every year, the sections get moved around as kids graduate from kindergarten, primary, or middle school, get another year older, or just become more (or less) mature all of a sudden. I knew the changes were coming, but I guess I just didn't want to believe they were coming.

Eight -- yes eight, that's a lot-- of my 20 girls were moved out of my section and into the next oldest one. Five new girls joined my section. Practically half of my section was swapped out! And it's weird now. I still see the eight girls who moved up, and I've been switching off eating dinners with them and with the remaining Fatima girls, but it's still not the same. Those eight aren't really mine anymore. They don't need me anymore!

I think I may be experiencing partial empty nest syndrome. :/

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