Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's Beginning to Feel (Maybe) A Lot Like Christmas

Christmas is less than three weeks away. That is absolutely, completely, no-puede-ser impossible to believe.

Now, this is actually my second Christmas in Guatemala. Weird, right? I left the States last year on December 19 so that I could spend two weeks brushing up in Spanish school before NPH work began in January. So, I spent Christmas 2009 in this country too.

Last time around, I think I was just so overwhelmed with newness that I didn't really have time to think or care about Christmas that much. This year, however, living here and watching the country slowly march its way into the Christmas season -- is just plain weird.

It feels like Christmas when: It's getting colder. The days are cooler than usual at this time of year.
It does NOT feel like Christmas when: It's still not cold enough. Or the right kind of cold. There is no snow, there is no ice, and I'm not sporting a peacoat.
It feels like Christmas when: I hear English Christmas songs on the radio.
It does NOT feel like Christmas when: Those songs are blasting from the radio of a speeding chicken bus I'm on, squashed in between four other people in a school bus seat meant for two.
It feels like Christmas when: I drink hot chocolate. Thanks for bringing us some from the States, Celeste!
It does NOT feel like Christmas when: I have not eaten a single bite (nor could I probably find the ingredients here) of Chex Mix Puppy Chow. :(
And it feels like Christmas when: I go to the Miraflores mall in Guatemala City to see Harry Potter 7.1 and there is a massive Christmas tree set up in the atrium. 
But it does NOT feel like Christmas when: Upon exiting HP, the entire atrium of the mall was being filled with fake snow coming from fans in the ceiling. That's as close as they'll get here.

Stayed tuned for more Christmas-in-Guatemala updates!

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Celeste said...

you forgot to mention that it feels like xmas when you are in miraflores and you see frosty singing and dancing!

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