Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Nutcracker!

On Friday, in my first day of tía duty training, I had the luckiest training day ever. I was forced to accompany my section of girls on a field trip into Guatemala City to see the National Ballet's presentation of El Cascanueces. The Nutcracker. I'm forced to attend a free ballet. Darn. :)

Although the majority of the kids we brought could be spotted taking naps in their comfy theater chairs -- after all it was a 2.5 hour ballet and these kids are all barely out of elementary school -- I was loving it!

I was also loving that all my girls were telling their friends, "Carrie can do all that dancing stuff they're doing up there. She's a dancer."

Hahaha. I appreciate it niñas, but not quite.

 The National Theater
 We're here! Woohoo!
 Me and Estelita
 Hey, Irma!
 El Cascanueces
Pretty dancing...
And ta-da!

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