Sunday, December 5, 2010

Summary of the Past 2 Weeks

I'm BACK! And I've missed you. :)

The past two weeks have been loaded with busy, crazy, full-out vacationing, and I'm finally back home at NPH now. So beware, you're about to be ambushed with about a bazillion overdue blog entries detailing everything I've been up to.

However, for those of you pressed for time, here's a summary of where I've been since mid-November. But read on in the blog for more detailed versions! And photos!

In the past few weeks, I have:
  • Become SCUBA certified. No big deal. 
  • Swam with dolphins. 
  • Swam with a WHALE SHARK!
  • Enjoyed the best Thanksgiving in Guatemala ever. 
  • Hopped around Lake Atitlan.
  • Took a traditional Guatemalan backstrap weaving class with Sam. Learned we kind of sucked at it. 
  • Pampered myself with a famous San Marcos massage. 
  • Came home to NPH, calmed down, and organized my life a little bit after so much vacation. 
  • Lost some of my girls as they moved up to an older section. :(
  • But gained a few more young'ns from the section below mine. :)
  • Saw the Nutcracker put on by Guatemala's National Ballet.
  • Completed a very important item on the to-do list and saw the new Harry Potter movie in the capital. 
  • And began what will be become a long month of working as a tía -- taking care of the little girls during the Christmas holiday.
It's good to be back!

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