Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Top-Missed Foods

I think, no I know, that the only thing I seriously miss on a daily basis about the United States (besides reliable internet and all you lovely readers) is food. I MISS FOOD SO MUCH.

So, today I'm bringing you my Top 11 Missed Foods. In no particular order, they are:

1. Qdoba chicken burritos queso-style
2. Qdoba chips and queso
3. California Tortilla burritos (especially Honey Lime and Crunchy BBQ)
4. California Tortilla chips and queso

(I have got to remove myself from the California Tortilla email list. It's such torture!)

5. Ernesto's chips and queso
6. Tostito's chips and queso

(Are you seeing a pattern here? You'd think that living in Central America, I could more easily get my fix on Tex-Mex food. False. Tex-Mex is a strictly American thing. And what a great thing it is. Burritos as big as your head and chips and queso just don't exist here, and it's very very sad.)

7. Panera (Broccoli cheddar soup and the Bacon Turkey Bravo sandwich ordered as the You Pick Two menu)
8. Wawa salads (Turkey BLT Salad with Honey Mustard dressing. Yum.)
9. Wawa meatball subs
10. Fall and winter flavored coffee (Pumpkin spice and Peppermint, where are you???)
11. Cheese Shop bread ends and house dressing

Gahhhhh. Can someone please tell me if any of these places deliver to Guatemala??? :)

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New York, New York! said...

I'm catching up on your blog posts (and, in turn, living and working abroad vicariously through you) and practically started drooling by the end of the post!!! It was fantastic, EVERY SINGLE ONE of those foods reminds me of my time in Williamsburg and once again I miss our days in college. Particularly those 4 or 5 weeks during the fall of our junior year when Wawa did free coffee cups and whatever you can put in them from 4-7pm every day through January 1st. I'm pretty sure that I will never ever forget that glorious offering as long as I live - is that probably reigns near the top of my "favorite college times" list next to every single orientation, anything to do with BHOT, and all of our senior year??? Point is I miss you and I'm so excited that you've been able to enjoy this opportunity to spend time in Guatemala. Whatever decision you make, staying there or coming home, I am completely confident that you will make the best of it. Hang in there and take care :)

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