Wednesday, October 6, 2010

And They're Off!

Right now as I speak, 30 children are probably sitting on a plane FREAKING OUT.

That's because the NPH Guatemala orquestina (concert band) is on their very first, once-in-a-lifetime, making them go absolutely insane with nervousness and excitement, trip to the United States! Organized by NPH supporters in the States, the kiddos are on a three-week tour of Minnesota and Wisconsin, where they'll be performing at churches and fundraising events, living with a host family, and probably being completely overwhelmed by life in the U.S.

It's an incredible opportunity for them, and they have been absolutely hysterical in preparation for it. Last night I helped Linda, Adela, Irma, and Estela (the four orquestina girls from my section) pack up their suitcases, and I was bombarded with about a thousand questions during the process. 

What size suitcase do I bring? What can I bring in my suitcase? Can I bring toothpaste? Can I bring soap? Can I bring a pencil? Does this suitcase weight 50 lbs yet? I can bring a backpack on the plane? What happens when I go through that security thing? Are you sure my suitcase doesn't weight 50 lbs? Will all those metal buttons on my jeans set off the security alarm?? What kinds of questions are they going to ask me at immigration? What do I answer? I can sleep on the plane?! They give us snacks on the plane, right? Will I have to pay for it? Do I have to ask permission to use the bathroom on the plane? What's it feel like on a plane? What happens if I need to throw up?


I tried to reassure them that everything would be fine, their suitcases did NOT, in fact, weigh 50 lbs, that it was really cool to look out the plane window and see the tiny little cars and houses, and that if they did have to throw up, there are conveniently-placed bags in every seatback pocket. Oh man.

Buen viaje, kids! Have fun!

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Roy said...

Nice stories, Carrie, which I encountered while searching for photos of the NPH Guatemala carpinteria for a pictoral card that I'm sending to Alis. Particularly engaging is your graphic commentary about pre-flight jitters for the orchestrina. I figured that would be the case. I will head back to MN/WI (from OR) in a couple weeks to catch the Pequenos in Eau Claire. Brayan and Tania Munoz Calidonio are two of "my kids," and Laura Useche at FOTO-NW has asked me to get pictures of Estela, Irma, y Adela for their padrinos. Maybe I'll see you late Nov, when I'll be down with my son. Roy

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