Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saribel's Despedida

Among my section of Fatima girls, no despedida (goodbye sendoff) at NPH Guatemala would be complete without proper dressing up and making fun of other NPHG employees. See photo above.

This week, our section hosted a despedida for Saribel. :( Sari grew up in the NPHG house and has been working her second año de servicio (year of service following high school) as a tía (caretaker) in my section of girls. She's 22 and awesome, and it's been so much fun having a friend my age to work with/talk with/hang out with when I visit the section. She has now officially completed her full year working as a tía for the girls, and she's set to start university (to study archaeology) in January.

She and I spent all of Tuesday afternoon helping her study for her English subject university exam. A) It was impossible. I don't think 90% of native-English speakers could have gotten these grammar questions right. And B) Saribel's not planning on studying English in college. She and I both are super confused as to why that crazy exam was even required in the first place. Ohhhh well.

I'm really sad she won't be working in the section anymore (how am I going to survive three weeks of tía duty in December without her????), but I'm really really excited to hear all about her starting university. Éxitos, Saribel!

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