Sunday, October 31, 2010

Flying Barriletes

Barriletes. They're everywhere right now in Guatemala.

They're kites! :)

In celebration of Día de los Santos, or All Saints' Day, on November 1, the entire country of Guatemala has been breaking out giant, colorful kites. Lately, you can find them in every store, in every roadside tienda, and everywhere you look in the air. It's so fun!

Tomorrow on All Saints' Day, a Guatemalan national holiday, herds and herds of people will make their way to the famous cemeteries at Sumpango and Santiago Sacatepequez to honor the dead, eat, drink, and fly barriletes, and on this day, the barriletes are said to be windows of communication with loved ones who have passed. The famous kites at Sumpango and Sacatepequez are giant -- they can be more than a dozen meters in diameter -- and the most intricate ones take over two months to construct.

Unfortunately, I'll be on a bus all day tomorrow (more on that in a minute) missing out on the Día de los Santos party, but today at the NPHG home, we had our own mini barrilete showcase! Each section of kids has been busy making their own colorful kites, and today they flew them over the campo (soccer field). Check it out!

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