Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dia del Niño

Growing up, little American children like to complain, saying, "There's a Mother's Day and a Father's Day and a Grandparents' Day, but when is Kid's Day????"

And smart parents like to retailiate, "Honey, every day is kid's day."

Well, in Guatemala, they make it official. October 1st is Dia del Niño!

We celebrated a day early this year (because apparently the demand for Dia del Niño venues isn't so high on days other than Dia del Niño, so they give you a better rate), so Thursday was our Dia del Niño!

The day started early -- 4:45 a.m. early -- as all the volunteers and tios woke up to sing Las Mañanitas outside the windows of all the kids' houses (Sound familiar?), and then at 8 a.m. everyone was ready to go! We filled up 6 school buses and headed off to a park outside of Antigua. And then, the kids had the entire day to do whatever they wanted.

There was a carnival. There was jump rope. There was a trampoline. There were swimming pools. There were board games. There was cotton candy. There was face painting. There was ice cream -- free ice cream. There were even skits by the volunteers, teachers, and tios where the only objective was to make fools of ourselves in front of everyone. Talk about a kids' paradise. :)

Happy Dia del Niño!

Ready to go!

Filling up the bus.
VERY excited.
Carnival games!
That water was absolutely freezing. Those kids are crazy.
Cotton candy!
And face painting!
Channeling our inner niñas and enjoying our cotton candy.
The babies were painted as puppy dogs. Adorable.
Making fools of ourselves as we dance Lady Gaga.
Cross-dressing. Always a big hit.
And elaborate animal outfits!

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