Monday, October 4, 2010

Aniversario Teams!

I warned you things were going to start getting crazy.

Aniversario teams have been distributed!!!

For the house's 14th anniversary celebration this November, the entire house -- from babies to bachillerato students (high schoolers) to volunteers, tios, employees, and everyone in between -- has been assigned to one of 12 teams of about 30 people each. I'm on team 5, and we're obviously going to win.

This year's aniversario theme is "World Cup," so when we drew for our team mascot and ended up with Naranjito, we weren't too concerned that it was once called the 3rd dumbest World Cup mascot (1982 World Cup). We were mostly just excited that it was Spain's. I think we all know how they fared in this most recent Mundial. Ahem, ahem. We're going to win.

Let the aniversario games begin!

P.S. Stayed tuned for more details on what the heck Aniversario is exactly. Let's just say that cheers, dances, flags, matching outfits, games, and tug-of-war over a giant mud pit might be involved. :)

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