Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Young Love

Oscar and Victor, both about 17 years old, just walked into my office.

Oscar: "Hey Carrie, didn't you take a picture of me and Sindy during the Quinceañeras?"

Me: "Um, I have about 900 photos from the day of Quinceañeras. It's possible?"

Oscar: "Can you look? Please?"

Fifteen minutes of sorting through photo files later...

Me: "I don't see it. Maybe it came from someone else's camera?"

Oscar: "Well, then can I just look at some pictures of Sindy by herself?"

Me: "Um?"

The two boys practically climb over me to get a better view of my computer screen.

Oscar: (Sighs) "She is soooooo pretty. Let me see that one. And that one. Ooooh, and that one."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I want to be 17 again. :)

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